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released September 1, 2015

Performed by:
Aaron Simoes
Andrew Murenko
Nikita Lysenko

Engineered and mixed by Aaron Simoes and Andrew Murenko
Mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East
Artwork by Bjorn Bauer



all rights reserved


Aceta Winnipeg, Manitoba

"it's like Neurosis meets 98°" - Tyler Penner

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Track Name: Eluviated
These are difficult times it seems. We all need a new view.
See a world that turned around, upside-down, inside out.
Green, a color that won’t be seen, in the air of ground.

Foundations found (poorly done)
Dirt all around (nowhere to run)
Time to astound (all those numb)

Trees are so alarming now. Roots so deep in the sky.
Streams watering top-side leaves we can’t see from down here.
Please, we deserve every one of these days as seeds for our crimes.

Fall back in the Earth.
The chance to re-learn,
All that we’ve left behind.

And keep thoughts in mind.
They will be your guide,
Out through these dark times,
Back home, where grass lies.
Track Name: Man of Dust
I’m ancient, but I’m engineered.
My symbol, one you’ve always feared.
My eyes are always open wide.
This mask will hide what’s left inside.

A box of gears replaced my heart.
I need a key to make it start.
And try to kill me, if you must.
My blood has long since turned to dust.

Dead sleep, dream hate, wind up, again.

I’ll be a helping hand tonight.
An instrument of stealth and lies.
With a father’s breath released,
The mourning son will save his peace.

Then it all comes down, I won’t make a sound.
A meeting of the might and my quiet knife.

Then it all comes down, planted in the ground.
Such a fitting end for the walking dead.
Track Name: Colony Collapse
Light shines. Wide eyes look outside.
Life blooms. Time to work again.
Build not for us, but for her.
Send praise in place of resent.

One by one, things haze.
Illness clouds the way.
We’ve reached out and lost our own.
We can’t find the road back home.

Time will tell, just how long.
And you’ll know when we’re gone.
Track Name: Dark Country
It’s a fact you’re never listening. All caught up in something grand.
I don’t have to try to be profound. You’ll buy in, just like we’ve planned.

From the start
Lack of Heart
Tripped up in mind
Thoughts won’t find

Floating. Not noticing all that’s missed.
It’s fine. Don’t waste your time with songs like this.
Track Name: Salt Bridge
There’s a gap in-between us that doesn’t seem to do any good.
We’re just ourselves within our cells, being inert as we ever could.
On our own, it’s so much worse. But together we can make it work.
A channel to a chasm’s end.

Take my hand, won’t you?
Make a path for us.
When we conjoin, light flows.
Then understand, my love.

On and on-going.
Circuitry flowing,
Like the wind.
All from us joining,
(The) joy it brings,
Us to them, shinning.
On and on-ward.

Begin. Hold on. Grow old. Lights dim. Not out.
Track Name: Cosmic Chords
The time is now, to be spaced out.
Beyond my wings, vibrating strings.
This quest of mine, to move through time.
Life left behind, with no rewind.

Since this ship took off, I’ve seen planets stop and moons collide.
Species have come and gone, void before too long. No one knew.
Too many stars to count that seem to have burnt out. It’s getting dark.
Pull up, decreasing rate, though maybe I’m too late. Gone too fast.

There’s one place left to call home.
Don’t have to die all alone.

A paradise, teeming with life and new ideas.
The journey’s done and life goes on. It’s all surreal.
Track Name: Vestiges
Long ago, not for our minds to know, we started small. Currents were the guide.
Growing cells faster than we could tell, before we knew what we would become.
Nerves embrace and form a special place that’s all our own; Membranes stratify.

Feel a pull to change
(But) don’t forget the past
Take it slow
There’s no need to rush

Swimming limbs retract with all our fins and armour hides. We can breathe the air.
Quadruped or stand up straight instead; Time to advance. So much more to come.

From stone tools and no rules to taxes and guns.
We’ve moved fast and fucked up our chances so soon.
Now we’re on the way out, a shift to take place.
The new race will retain their humble beginnings.
Track Name: Haunted
Long has pasted since then. The day I woke again.
Rebirthing, senses found. Of seeing sight and sound.
Though touch had been removed, so all just passes through.
No hand for me to hold for warmth, but I’m cold.

I’m colored grey on a vibrant plain.
Speak perfect words on deaf ears.

A matter of moving on.
Eternity won’t be too long.
Temporal placement is winding down.
When heaven will open its arms wide up.

Waited all this time only to realize this course won’t end.